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Smart Thermostats for Pleasanton and San Leandro, CA

Who Can Guard Your Home When You Can't

When we go to work or leave our home for an extended period of time, how often do you think to adjust your thermostat accordingly? Many of us often forget that adjust the knob on the wall so our heat is pumping out all day long while it is freezing cold out or to turn the AC down when it is boiling hot out. This thought rarely crosses our mind when we are too busy running around before work and such. Having a smart thermostat can reduce the stress and monitor your energy for you. It can help to cool and heat your home more efficiently and can be easily managed from your smart phone. 

The Smart Thermostat

This thermostat can learn and change based on many factors in your household. It can sense the temperature, humidity, and your behavior like when you are home or asleep. Your phone would now be your heating and cooling remote control. Another feature included in the smart thermostat is that your phone will now alert you if your temperature drops above or below the set threshold. This is especially useful for a second home or while you are traveling, offering you an eye on your property when you cannot. 

The Difference

With a standard thermostat you may turn it down when you leave and back up once you get home. The difference now is with your cell phone. You can turn it down when you leave and as your leaving work turn it back on to arrive home to a warm and cozy afternoon. Be cautious of turn the heat down too low or you could cause frozen pipes, but with the smart thermostat app, you can now monitor it close enough to never let that happen. The smart thermostat can give you the control you need to conserve and monitor your household energy. 


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